Test riding with Beth Bainbridge at Altogether Equestrian, Cholderton, 5 – 8 pm

on 20/05/2016 at 17:00 until 20:00


FRIDAY 20 MAY, 5 – 8 pm – Cost £30 for half an hour – organised by Becky

Enter via www.myridinglife.co.uk or use a return slip and cheque.

WRC is very pleased to offer 2 dates of test riding with Beth Bainbridge at Altogether Equestrian in Cholderton, SP4 0DW, on FRIDAY 20 MAY and FRIDAY 10 JUNE, 5 – 8 pm, £30 for half hour.

You will ride a test of your choice. Beth will mark it. You then have a debrief of 15 – 20 min depending on the chosen test. She will explain how you can improve your ringcraft, riding skills and horse’s way of going to gain those extra marks. You ride the test again, Beth marks it again and hopefully your marks will improve. Warm up will be in the outdoor arena and the test riding will be indoors.

Beth is the working rider and yard manager for international Grand Prix rider Anna Ross-Davis at Altogether Equestrian. Having been based at Altogether since September 2011 Beth has now ridden up to Prix St George on home produced horses. She has recently returned from Valencia in Spain where she competed in the Classica classes winning first place on the first day and second on Day 2.

Beth has a wide range of experience of producing lots of different horses from just backed through to the top level of dressage as well as schooling eventers, ex-racehorses and ponies. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and has a very enthusiastic approach to training both horse and rider with excellent communication skills. You will be getting those higher marks in no time at all!!


  • Becky prefers entries through: www.MyRidingLife.com.  Go to http://www.equineaffairs.com/eventdetails.aspx?id=218052www.equineaffairs.com/RemoteLocationEventList.aspx?SecretaryID=207214&Type=RunBySecretary&from=r
  • Becky is also happy to accept entries by post with a cheque or payment by BACS.  Return forms are at Training or at the end of your latest Magazine.
  • To check if there’s a space available, please contact Becky.

NEXT DATE: Friday 10 June

Becky Herbert